The Fusion Factory philosophy was to combines creative events & performance with quality fusion food. Unfortunately due to an impossible situation with ceilings that have flooded the location for years, when it rains, and constant noise complaints which have existed for 15 years we were evicted after a 3 year legal battle...  I would be happy to answer any further questions or hear of future opportunities. Michael Pattison CEO                                                


Fusion Factory offers the opportunity to host and cater a vast array of events from launches, workshops, corporate and or private celebrations to exhibitions, photography shoots, and fashion and or theatre presentations


The Factory Hall is 200m2 with built in parquet staging along two walls and a central tiled “dance floor” can cater for up to 150 people seated for lunch or diner events and up to 250 standing or 130 seated in rows for presentations, workshops or screenings. Specific technical sound and lighting equipment and furniture can be arranged on request according to your needs.


The Adjacent 40m2 Control Room with an overview of the main gallery offers an equally diverse opportunity to host private dinners up to 22 guest or as a smoking lounge for large events to workshop/co-working space, fashion sales and showroom or a greenroom/back-stage space for fashion, film and performance related events.

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Rosa-Luxemburg-Str 17

10178, Mitte Berlin